Kamis, 17 April 2014

Elite PPP Fired Without Letters

JAKARTA - Vice Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) , Emron Pangkapi , confirms PPP elite dismissed without a warrant . According to him , until Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) afternoon , there was a sheet of letter of dismissal in his office at PPP .

" I was asked to head the PPP secretariat of dismissal also file does not exist, then my father telephone and secretary general also stated no . Then if there was such a letter is a letter or SK bulging bulging , " he said in Cikini , Central Jakarta .
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Emron said , even if the letter does exist , there must be an error in the PPP procedure because there are still procedures that must be passed before the issue the cadre .

"If the decision letter shall be signed chairman and secretary general . If the decision in the internal field , the vice chairman shall be signed by the internal field , " he said .

So far , continued Emron , news of the dismissal , no effect on the party . The entire Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) is still on duty as usual and concentrate on vote counting results of legislative elections ( Pileg ) .

PPP elite who reportedly fired the Vice Chairman Monoarfa Monoarfa , Chairman DPW West Java Rahmat Yasin , Chairman Musyaffa Noer DPW East Java , South Sulawesi Regional Council Chairman Amir Uskara , and Chairman of the Regional Council of North Sumatra Fadli Nursal .

They fired allegedly because Suryadharma Alie supported the overthrow of the post of Chairman of the PPP .


British Foreign Secretary condemns Israeli Settlement Expansion

British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Thursday (17/4), condemned the Israeli move recently to expand settlements in the West Bank, and confirms negotiations are the only way to peace.

"The UK condemns the decision taken by the Government of Israel to change the status of many regions throughout the unauthorized settlement outpost Netiv Haavot and creating new settlements in Al-Khalil (Hebron)," Hague said in a statement.

His remarks came after Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Sunday (13/4), approve a family of Jewish settlers to move into a controversial building in the Old City of Hebron in the West Bank.

Israel has also announced a land area of ​​243 acres on the Gush Etzion settlement block in the West Bank as state land, Israeli media said.

Such a measure would allow Israel expand settlements in the block and also includes the unauthorized outpost called Nativ Haavot, which would make it "legitimate" in the middle of the announcement.

Nativ Haavot is unauthorized Jewish outpost, which was built in 2001 on private land of Palestinians and now house 50 settler.

"The settlements are not illegal and an obstacle to peace, and this decision was taken out of the ongoing effort to realize the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," Hague said, as quoted by Xinhua.

The Foreign Secretary said that the only way for peace in the region is through negotiations.
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The current round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, which began in July and are set to expire on April 29, stalled due to Israel's refusal to release the last group of Palestinian prisoners, expanding settlements and the Palestinian request to join the 15 international conventions and UN.


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Election respect, Kopassus Celebrate Anniversary Without Do

Special Forces Command ( Kopassus ) celebrates 62nd anniversary . Unlike the usual birthday celebration , this time there is no attraction or a large-scale event held in Makoppasus , Cijantung , East Jakarta .

" We respect the existing situation . Currently ongoing as we know the democratic party so we did not invite guests outside , rather than their permission could not come , " said Kopassus commander Maj. Gen. Agus Sutomo , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Agus explained , Kopassus anniversary celebration this year more filled with social activities in various places . Activities , namely mass treatment , a visit to the widows of soldiers who had served in East Timor and Aceh , visiting social institutions , people with disabilities , the distribution of benefits , and the pilgrimage to the Heroes Cemetery .
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" So , we deliberately reducing ceremonial activities . Activities we fill with more social activities , " he added .

Agus also congratulated the Special Forces soldier who was on duty outside the command headquarters . Congratulations were given in the form of video footage that may be material to the evaluation of the soldier .

" In the show there are also things that can be evaluated for the soldiers . Finally, we conduct a simple ceremony in the framework of the 62nd anniversary of this , " said Agus .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Run over by a car, Samsung Galaxy S5 Remain Intact

SEOUL - A durability test was conducted between the phone body with its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S4 . Tests carried out by dropping the phone from various heights . Which is more powerful ?

The first test is done by dropping the phone from his shirt pocket adult height . Falling from a height sedada cause both phones side suffered abrasions . But both the phone's screen is fine .

The second test is performed by dropping the phone from adult head height . This simulated when the phone fell while making a phone call . As a result, both phones only increased blisters but did not crack the screen at all . So even with a third test , which was dropped from the top of the head , the Galaxy S4 suffered cracks on the screen while the Galaxy S5 camera just behind the detached shell .
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Further tests carried out by dropping the phone from a height of three meters . Mobile Galaxy S4 falls with the position of the tip of the first hit , the result is the phone screen is destroyed . While its successor , the Galaxy S5 , was not injured at all .

Curious Samsung Galaxy S5 remain shattered despite being dropped from a height of three meters , finally ran tests conducted by phone with a car . When run over the phone , the Galaxy S5 front screen is still fine . Just behind the camera protective glass cracked . Similarly, as reported by PhoneArena , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

Kadisdik Not Pursue Graduation 100 Percent Focus

Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun said , chasing a target of national exams ( UN ) until reaching 100 percent is not an indicator to measure the quality of learners.

According to him , the most important thing is how to educate students to understand the subject matter is good , in order to obtain results naturally each according to his ability .

Thus , Lasro asserted for this year , Education Dept. will no longer focus to achieve the target graduation rate to 100 percent . " Instead of chasing the target of 100 percent graduation , better work to eliminate fraud in the UN , " said Lasro when contacted on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) .

However, Lasro confirmed that it still wished Jakarta could reach targets up to 100 percent graduation . In fact , he hopes that the city ranked better than last year's ninth nationally .

" So that students may face UN optimally , we continue deepening to learners , as well as to the principals and teachers . Mental readiness Students are also given that the UN is not a fear factor , " he said .
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In Jakarta Province alone , there will be as many as 119,879 high school students / equivalent that will follow the UN for three days , from April 14 to 16 , 2014. Amount consists of 28,959 foreign high school students , private school students 25 811 , 13 558 SMK students , and 51 551 private vocational students .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Markets Not Disappointed To The Quick Count Results

After the election quick count results appear , proved that the PDI - P only reached 19.44 percent . This figure is below the estimated PDI - P ( 27 percent ) . In fact , in today's trading Composite Index ( JCI ) fell by 136.72 points, or 2.78 per cent to 4784.68 figure .

Ito Warsito , President Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) , said that there is no correlation between the vote PDIP with market movements . According to the index is often volatile .

"The index is always up and down , not normal if the index is always ascending continued , " Ito said at the Stock Exchange Building , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .
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Ito added that in commercial transactions , it is likely that the index will move up and down . But in the long term the index still has a chance to grow taller .

" The market 's been able to see the poll and no flashy sound of the parties , both Golkar and PDI - P right under twenty percent so I think it would provide another option for the parties to form a coalition and the index will continue to move up , " he said .


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Recommend Three Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8.1

At Microsoft 's Build 2014 event , Nokia announced three smartphones Lumia with Windows Phone 8.1 base and a series of other Nokia exclusive features . Nokia also make sure that Windows Phone 8.1 will be available on the entire range of products Lumia Windows 8 as one update of Nokia in the summer .

 " Today we are introducing the Lumia service and best Microsoft services through three amazing products on the basis of Windows Phone 8.1 . In addition to new developments from Microsoft , Nokia also provide superb imaging experience , attractive designs and products to better meet business needs , " said Stephen Elop , Nokia 's executive vice president of Devices & Services . " We are very pleased to introduce the latest developments in Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia devices favored by today's society . "
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Starting this summer , Windows Phone 8.1 will be available to all users of the Lumia Windows Phone 8 to bring the Lumia experience that has been updated through the update over- the-air Cyan Lumia . Windows Phone 8.1 introduces a more detailed feature on LiveTiles , a simple touch that allows users to easily access important notifications using the Action Centre , faster to connect and typing with Word Flow and Cortana , and the voice activated personal assistant that will be introduced in the U.S. States. In addition , the presence of Windows Phone 8.1 enterprise pack Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 makes the better to meet the needs of the business .

Along with the presence of an update of Windows Phone 8.1 , the Lumia will be present with the leading imaging features that provide a unique experience for its users . Also included in this update is the latest development in the ' camera roll ' and Creative Studio , as well as the renewal of the Nokia Storyteller to share their stories in the form of a video slideshow on social networks .

The Nokia Lumia 930 is a Windows Phone 8.1 product form with superior features :
• PureView 20MP Camera with ZEISS optics and Rich Recording forefront , providing imaging and video experience that is perfect with Living Image latest innovations .
• A dazzling design elegant combination of metal and polycarbonate with ClearBlack screen size of 5 inches to Vyclone video , Netflix and Xbox , even in bright light conditions .
• Processor 2.2GHz quad - core Snapdragon very strong , capable of running a lot more content such as apps , games , internet and integrated Microsoft services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Office .

Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 635 Windows Phone 8.1 experience providing outstanding at an affordable price , to include :
• quad -core Snapdragon processor provides a social experience faster through Word Flow and social applications like WhatsApp and WeChat .
• Comes with a unique colorful design with a cover that can be replaced , the following screen measuring 4.5 inch ClearBlack for exceptional entertainment experience using applications and games such as Asphalt 8 and Vimeo .
• More choices with three variants , including the Lumia 630 with a single SIM 3G , and first Lumia with Dual SIM 3G ; Lumia 635 is also a high-speed 4G/LTE technology
• Provide a similar experience with a series of high-end Lumia products , such SensorCore Health and Fitness Bing , Microsoft Office , Nokia Camera , a free streaming service Nokia MixRadio and global maps and navigation free of charge from HERE , which is able to save time and costs .

Nokia Lumia 930 will be released globally in June starting from Europe , Asia , Middle East , and India , with the price of $ 599 ( about Rp 6 , 6 million ) . While the Nokia Lumia 630 is targeted to be present in the market in May , starting with Asia , India / Middle East , South America and Europe , with a $ 159 ( R1 , 76 million ) for variants of a single license, and $ 169 ( R1 , 87 million ) for a variant of the Dual SIM . Nokia Lumia 635 will be widely available , including in the United States began this summer at a price of $ 189 ( Rp2 , 1 million ) .

Nokia Lumia provide easier access for developers to build the next generation of imaging applications by introducing the latest BETA Imaging SDK 1.2 . Also available in developer.nokia.com / imaging , imaging features of the latest SDK offers a combination of photo manipulation capabilities as well as the leading edge of the filter effect . Nokia also announced that the latest SDK SensorCore planned to cooperate with several partners in the community after the official launch .